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Minimum number of college students who have raised money for expenses on GoFundMe, a crowdfunding site : 140,000

Number of Americans aged 60 and older who have outstanding student loans : 2,800,000

Portion of those borrowers who have taken on debt to pay for a child or grandchild’s education : 3/4

Minimum number of American colleges that have programs to study their past reliance on slavery : 28

That have changed their financial-aid or admissions policies to make amends : 1

Date on which the University of Cape Town agreed to remove a statue of Cecil Rhodes after anticolonial protests : 4/8/2015

On which one of the student protesters was granted a Rhodes scholarship : 12/4/2016

Amount an English university was fined for giving students in an exercise-science experiment too much caffeine : $500,000

Estimated number of cups of coffee to which each dose was equivalent : 300

Value of prizes NASA awarded this year to inventors who designed new ways to dispose of bodily waste in space : $30,000

Gallons of diesel fuel that leaked from an Iowa pipeline one day after Donald Trump pledged to build two new pipelines : 46,830

Factor by which more Americans work in the solar industry than work in fossil fuels : 2

Percentage of Asian cities that fail to meet the World Health Organization’s air-quality standards : 86

Number of days in January on which air-pollution levels in London were higher than those in Beijing : 2

Percentage of children’s toys available in Sweden that contain banned chemicals : 15

Of sex toys available in Sweden : 2

Percentage increase in IUD prescriptions and procedures in the two months following Donald Trump’s election : 19

Number of U.S. states in which women would be at risk of losing their abortion rights were Roe v. Wade overturned : 33

Number of days for which the British Army used a Military Makeup stand as a strategy to recruit female soldiers : 3

Percentage by which the British Army missed its recruitment targets last year : 28

Number of rows that Air India designated as female-only on domestic flights after reports of sexual harassment and assault : 1

Price per person of a Survival Systems USA team-building exercise that guides clients through a simulated plane crash : $950

Average number of people who die in avalanches in the United States each year : 27

Portion of deadly U.S. avalanches that are triggered by the victim or a member of the victim’s party : 9/10

Ratio of the average annual number of deaths in the United States caused by drowning to those caused by gun violence : 1:8

Of federal research funding for drowning to funding for gun violence : 1:1

Percentage by which the average amount of gun violence in popular PG-13 movies exceeds that in popular R movies : 23

Percentage change since 2010 in the number of firearm silencers registered in the United States : +217

Number of days in the past two years during which there were no reported homicides in El Salvador : 1

Portion of U.S. police officers who believe that fatal encounters between police and black Americans are isolated incidents : 2/3

Who believe protests over black victims of police violence are driven by anti-law-enforcement bias : 9/10

Number of times a painting displayed on Capitol Hill depicting police as animals was stolen by Republican congressmen : 3

Minimum number of states in which laws to criminalize political protest have been introduced this year : 9

Number of FBI confidential informants who worked for Best Buy’s Geek Squad between 2008 and 2012 : 8

Percentage of Trump voters who believe he should be allowed to have a private email server : 42

Who believe he should not : 39

Factor by which sales of George Orwell’s 1984 increased during the three weeks after the presidential inauguration : 96

Rank of Nebraska among states with the least liked state flags : 1

Number of days in January that the flag at the state capitol flew upside down before anyone noticed : 7

Figures cited are the latest available as of February 2017 “Harper’s Index” is a registered trademark.

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