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Number of U.S. states that include cursive writing in their educational standards : 24

Portion of U.S. college freshmen who are required to write papers longer than 11 pages : 1/4

Who spend an average of less than five hours a week on assigned reading : 1/2

Number of books on a list that a Virginia judge assigned to five teens for defacing a historic black schoolhouse : 35

Factor by which the number of U.S. anti-Muslim hate groups has increased this year : 3

Portion of Americans who believe that people who commit violence in the name of Islam are “really Muslim” : 2/5

Who believe that people who commit violence in the name of Christianity are “really Christian” : 1/5

Estimated number of Rohingya Muslim refugees that Bangladesh plans to relocate to a remote island : 32,000

Average number of months each year that the island is submerged underwater : 2.5

Number of immigrants Canada has rejected since 2013 for having disabilities : 330

Percentage of asylum seekers Japan accepted last year : 0.26

Number of Irula tribesmen the state of Florida hired from India in February to hunt invasive Burmese pythons : 2

Number of pythons they helped capture : 33

Percentage decline since 1970 in the portion of U.S. homicides in which charges are filed : 28

Number of the 100 highest-paid city employees in Boston last year who were members of the police department : 98

Factor by which the director of the Australian postal service earned more in 2016 than the prime minister : 11

Net loss the service reported in 2015 : $167,000,000

Estimated minimum combined net worth of Donald Trump’s Cabinet members and advisers : $61,380,600,000

Number of countries whose GDP is lower than that figure : 114

Number of African nations that have used internet blackouts since 2015 to control dissent : 12

Portion of U.S. transgender adults who have refrained from eating and drinking to avoid using the bathroom : 1/3

Average percentage change in suicide rates among gay and bisexual teens after their states legalized same-sex marriage : –14

Percentage increase last year in the number of Afghan children killed or wounded by explosive remnants of war : 65

Percentage change since 2005 in the volume of the global arms trade : +44

Portion of U.S. senators who had military experience in 1975 : 4/5

Today : 1/5

Rank of Russia among the United States’ greatest national enemies, according to Democrats : 2

According to Republicans : 18

Number of New York Times articles labeled “fake news” by a Russian Foreign Ministry website in the month after its launch : 2

Portion of Americans who believe The Onion is a credible news source : 1/5

Total estimated value of free media coverage Donald Trump received in February : $681,531,302

That the next fifty most frequently mentioned public figures received : $625,643,071

Estimated ratio of time Trump spent in intelligence briefings to golfing during his presidency’s first month : 1:4

Percentage by which liberal academics are seen as more attractive than conservative academics : 8

By which conservative politicians are seen as more attractive than liberal politicians : 14

Number of posts one of Trump’s senior national security advisers has written on Styleforum, a men’s fashion website : 41,561

Percentage change since 1997 in the number of times married Americans have sex each year : –19

Portion of married Japanese men under age 49 who say that work makes them too tired for intercourse : 1/3

Length, in minutes, of a weekly break during which employees of a Swedish town are encouraged to have sex : 60

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