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Days after high school journalists in Kansas revealed inconsistencies in their principal’s résumé that she resigned : 4

Average acceptance rate at New York City public high schools with test-based admission : 2.7

At Ivy League universities : 8.0

Portion of Oklahoma school districts that have switched to four-day weeks because of budget cuts : 1/5

Portion of U.S. teachers hired today who are projected to pay more into their pensions than they will get back : 3/4

Percentage of Americans who estimate they will need at least $1,000,000 to retire : 37

Of Americans aged 55 and older with retirement plans whose accounts contain more than $250,000 : 35

Portion of American workers who are looking for a new job : 1/2

Percentage increase since last year in the number of U.S. taxpayers who fear an IRS audit : 64

Number of successive years that the IRS has audited fewer people than it did the year before : 7

Estimated amount the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department is spending to switch from silver- to gold-colored belt buckles : $100,000

Amount awarded to wrongfully convicted individuals for each year they spent in a Texas state prison : $80,000

In a Wisconsin state prison : $5,000

Number of U.S. states in which wrongfully convicted state prisoners aren’t entitled to monetary compensation : 18

Number of U.S. states in which parents can be billed for the cost of their child’s incarceration : 47

Age at which Filipino children could be found criminally culpable, under a proposed law : 9

Percentage of Republicans living within 350 miles of Mexico who oppose the construction of a border wall : 34

Of Republicans living farther than 350 miles from Mexico who do : 21

Percentage of invitees from Africa to a U.S. conference on African economic development who were denied visas : 100

Percentage increase last year in the number of Americans renouncing their citizenship : 26

Percentage increase since 2013 in the number of millionaires migrating to another country : 61

Rank of France among countries that millionaires are leaving : 1

Of Australia among countries that they are moving to : 1

Number of weather records broken in Australia last summer : 205

Minimum number of U.S. states in which spring arrived early this year : 35

Number of years in a row for which global greenhouse gas emissions have remained stable : 3

Date on which a Maine lawmaker introduced a bill that would bar discrimination against climate change skeptics : 3/2/2017

Estimated number of songbirds killed last fall in Cyprus for human consumption : 2,200,000

Number of endangered mammal species whose primary threats include being hunted by humans for food : 301

Portion of South Sudan’s population that is expected to lack a reliable food source this summer : 1/2

Amount the country was charging professional foreign aid workers for visas before the policy was suspended in April : $10,000

Minimum number of Haitians killed since October 2010 in a cholera epidemic introduced by U.N. peacekeepers : 9,439

Portion of U.N. member states that have donated to a fund to combat the epidemic : 7/193

Number of countries in which U.S. Special Operations Forces were operating in March : 102

Portion of artifacts unearthed this year at a World War I–era British Army barracks in Israel that were liquor bottles : 7/10

Minimum number of times President Erdo gan of Turkey has unfavorably compared other countries with Nazi Germany : 4

Of times he has favorably compared Turkey with Nazi Germany : 1

Minimum number of cemeteries the Trump Organization has received approval to build in New Jersey : 2

Odds on an online bet that Donald Trump will win the Nobel Peace Prize this year : 20:1

That he will announce the existence of aliens : 20:1

Figures cited are the latest available as of April 2017.

“Harper’s Index” is a registered trademark.

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