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From a list of prohibitions for online media, including video-streaming sites, circulated in June by the China Netcasting Services Association, a state-controlled body that oversees more than 600 media companies. Translated from the Chinese by Jamie Fisher.

Distorting classic works
Diverging from basic historical fact
Making the presentation of history too entertaining
Depicting the brutality and cruelty of a crime in meticulous detail
Exposing investigative methods
Showing abnormal sexual relations such as incest, homosexuality, sexual abuse
Displaying unhealthy romantic states such as extramarital affairs, one-night stands, sexual liberty
Containing long or numerous arousing bedroom scenes hinting at sex
Revealing the particulars of plastic surgery and sex-change operations
Promoting a lavish lifestyle that departs from real life
Ridiculing serious topics
Interrogating minors about their feelings of being defeated
Deliberately provoking or embarrassing guests in order to amuse the audience
Using exaggerated, strange sound effects
Spoofing major natural disasters
Depicting excessive horror and terror
Depicting minors falling in puppy love
Hurting national feelings
Excessively portraying the dark side of society
Confusing the fundamental boundaries between right and wrong

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December 2017

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