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Estimated average number of arthropod species living in a US home : 100

Estimated portion of pet reptiles that die within a year of being brought home : 3/4

Length, in months, of the Copenhagen Zoo’s waiting period for owners requesting to feed their dead horses to the lions : 3

Minimum number of soldiers who fought in the Battle of Stalingrad whose bodies were found last year : 975

Minimum number of South Koreans currently imprisoned for refusing compulsory military service : 400

Of Israelis : 3

Number of US veterans who have been waiting more than thirty years for decisions on disability-benefits appeals : 22

Who have been waiting more than fifty years : 2

Number of helicopters the United States announced that it would give to Afghanistan’s air force : 159

Number of trained flight crews in the Afghan military : 4

Number of US civilian colleges that have received government funding for intelligence-studies programs : 45

Minimum number of US universities that received funding from the Charles Koch Foundation in 2016 : 300

Number of classroom teachers on Forbes Magazine’s 2018 30 Under 30 Education list : 0

Years of Irish-language study that are required in Irish schools : 14

Portion of Irish who feel confident speaking the language : 3/10

Minimum number of words catalogued by the Dictionary of American Regional English before it lost its funding last year : 60,000

Percentage of Britons aged 18 to 25 who find it easier to express themselves in emoji than in words : 72

Portion of Australians who have had an intimate photo or video posted to social media without their consent : 1/10

Amount the US Treasury has paid congressional staff in legal settlements since 2008 : $5,963,825

Percentage by which the first FBI crime report under Donald Trump contained fewer data tables than the previous year’s : 58

Estimated portion of US workers whose employers do not grant paid leave for jury duty : 2/5

Amount guaranteed in daily payment for serving on a jury in Arkansas : $50

In Kansas : $10

Amount the federal government spent between 2006 and 2016 responding to extreme weather : $357,000,000,000

Minimum number of Americans who registered for federal disaster aid last year : 4,764,974

Average annual number over the previous decade : 456,998

Number of days by which US winters have grown shorter since 1895 : 14

Portion of the global population who cannot see the Milky Way because of light pollution : 1/3

Percentage change in the level of glyphosate, an herbicide, in Americans’ urine since 1993 : +1,200

Percentage of Americans who stream movies and television outside the home who have done so in a public restroom : 12

Hours that a driverless bus in Las Vegas operated before getting into an accident : 1

Portion of US drivers who do not know how to change a tire : 1/5

Average cost of traffic congestion to a US driver in 2016 : $1,400

Date on which Virginia opened express toll lanes to ease traffic on I-66 : 12/4/17

Maximum price of a one-way commute into Washington that day : $34.50

Amount of funding for the MTA that NYC mayor Bill de Blasio said he would raise this year at an October event : $700,000,000

Number of minutes by which his subway to the event was delayed : 10

Date on which Japan’s Metropolitan Intercity Railway Company issued an apology for a train departing early : 11/14/17

Number of seconds before the departure time that the train left : 20

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