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Number of US states in which fluorescent pink is a legal color for hunting apparel : 6

Percentage of US gun owners who report storing all their guns safely : 46

Who report storing some of their guns “on my person” : 11

Chance an American has taken an “active shooter” preparedness class : 1 in 10

Percentage of US “active shooters” from 2000 to 2016 who were killed by police : 21

Who were killed by armed civilians : 1

Minutes after refusing to debate an assault weapons ban that the Florida Legislature declared porn a “public health risk” : 58

Percentage of Florida homicides deemed “justifiable” before the 2005 enactment of the state’s “stand your ground” law : 3.4

Of Florida homicides that have since been deemed “justifiable” : 8.7

Percentage change last year in the number of federal inmates who earned a GED : -59

Number of New Jersey state prisons in which the book The New Jim Crow was banned before January : 2

Number of universities in which half of all the US tenured and tenure-track history professors are trained : 8

Percentage of US college students who have a worse opinion of conservatives after their first year : 31

Who have a better opinion : 50

Percentage change last year in the portion of people in US-allied nations who approve of US leadership : -42

In non-allied nations : -11

Percentage of South Koreans over the age of 60 who support reunification : 71

Of South Koreans in their twenties : 39

Number of the twenty largest German companies that are headquartered in the former East Germany : 0

Rank of Germany in consumption of nonalcoholic beer : 2

Of Iran : 1

Estimated percentage of US children who exhibit symptoms of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders : 5

Factor by which the portion of central Appalachian coal miners with severe black lung has increased since 1998 : 13

Percentage of US adults who claim to support organ donation : 95

 Who register to donate their organs : 54

Estimated percentage of the world’s donkeys slaughtered annually to produce ejiao, a gelatin with alleged healing properties : 9

Chance that a Swede under the age of 30 is vegetarian or vegan : 1 in 5

Average change in the Yelp rating of an independent fast-food restaurant over the past five years : +7

In the rating of a chain fast-food restaurant : -16

Portion of Hawaii’s drinking water that comes from underground wells : 9/10

Gallons of raw sewage that leak into the ground from Hawaii cesspools each day : 53,000,000

Percentage change since 2009 in reports of human waste on San Francisco streets : +391

Minimum number of 9-1-1 calls made after Apple workers walked into glass walls the month after their new headquarters opened : 3

Minimum factor by which references to emoji and emoticons in US court opinions have increased since 2014 : 7

Amount charged by Zain, Iraq’s largest telecom company, for a phone number with nonconsecutive digits : $5.90

For a phone number whose last five digits are the same : $1,340

Percentage change since 2001 in the number of slot machines in Nevada : -24

Chance that a given day is a public holiday in Cambodia : 1 in 13

Rank of Disneyland among the happiest places on earth, according to Disneyland : 1

Percentage of Disneyland employees who worry about being evicted from their homes : 56

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