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Estimated combined square footage of all the self-storage units in the United States : 1,670,000,000

Factor by which this area is larger than the borough of
Manhattan : 2.6

Number of states that prevent cities from enacting rent control laws : 37

Amount a US company is charging for an eleven-night stay at a luxury space hotel scheduled to open in 2022 : $9,500,000

Number of reservations made during the first month bookings were available : 22

Percentage of first-time US home buyers who are single men : 7

Who are single women : 18

Factor by which a mother who has been laid off is more likely to get a job interview than a stay-at-home mother : 2

Chance that an ad for a Chinese central-government job specifies a preference
for men : 1 in 5

That it specifies a preference for women : 1 in 31,733

Percentage of Americans who consider themselves members of the “alt-right” : 3

Who have never heard of the alt-right : 5

Percentage of the Brazilian population that is black or mixed race : 55

Of sperm imported into Brazil that is from white donors : 95

That is from blue-eyed donors : 52

Months for which Denmark will require couples with children to “reflect” before finalizing divorce : 3

Number of countries in which divorce is outlawed : 2

Percentage by which more EU nationals have arrived in than left the United Kingdom since the Brexit vote : 70

Date on which the United Kingdom announced a return to
blue-colored passports : 12/22/17

Value of the contract for the passports, which was awarded to a French-Dutch company : $353,000,000

Amount of public money Mexico has spent since 2013 on ads promoting government accomplishments : $2,000,000,000

Portion of money spent by Donald Trump’s reelection committee this year that has gone toward legal fees : 1/5

Percentage of Trump voters who now say they regret their vote : 3

Of Hillary Clinton voters : 3

Factor by which an American between 18 and 29 is more likely to be fearful than hopeful about the future of the country : 2

Number of successive years that health care has been the political issue that Americans care most about : 5

Portion of high-net-worth US investors who regard health care as their greatest financial concern : 7/10

Factor by which the largest pension in Oregon is greater than the average Oregon household income : 11

Rank of 2017 among years in which US bankers received their
highest average bonuses : 2

Of 2006 : 1

Average amount an Australian loses gambling each year : $957

Percentage of Australian state and territory tax revenue that comes from gambling : 7.7

Total amount owed by Pennsylvania’s top 100 evaders of highway tolls : $3,400,000

Number of the ten largest US public transit systems that saw an increase
in use last year : 1

Projected percentage increase in energy consumption from
cooling appliances by 2050 : 90

Percentage chance that a bottle of water contains microplastic particles : 93

Estimated portion of European fish species that a planned series of dams in the Balkans would put at risk of extinction : 1/10

Number of US states that ban the sale of fake urine : 21

Percentage of New York City’s sewage that is shipped out of the city for disposal : 85

Number of weeks a train filled with New York City sewage was stuck outside an Alabama town this year : 11

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