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From behaviors described in media reports since 2014 that prompted police officers to question, detain, or arrest black people in the United States.

Sitting in a parked car
Sitting in a chair in a public skyway while waiting to pick up children from school
Napping on a sofa in the common room of a dormitory
Not waving at a white neighbor while staying at an Airbnb
Not giving up a table to a white diner
Not purchasing coffee in a Starbucks
Purchasing breakfast in a Burger King
Barbecuing on a charcoal grill in a public park
Listening to Notorious B.I.G. at home in the afternoon
Using a curse word at a Waffle House
Attempting to use a guest pass at an LA Fitness
Attempting to use a membership pass at an LA Fitness
Golfing at a leisurely pace
Voluntarily picking up litter on the side of the road
Campaigning for a seat on a school board
Canvassing for a candidate for the House of Representatives
Taking a photograph of a house
Purchasing Mentos at a gas station
Asking an employee for sliced cheese at a CVS
Asking a police officer about the arrest of a black person in the parking lot of a CVS