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Researchers warned that closing the gender gap in computer science at current rates will take 280 years, that patients may be conscious while receiving CPR, that people who think they know the most about vaccines and autism know the least, that a large number of suspicious broken bones in Sicily may point to widespread insurance fraud, that India needs to stop growing rice in order to avoid a food crisis, that Panama disease may lead to the extinction of the banana, that Africa’s baobabs were dying at an accelerated rate, that data from sixty-two species across six continents indicates that large mammals have turned 1.36 times more nocturnal in an attempt to avoid humans, that European eels were getting high off riverine cocaine and suffering metabolic changes which persist even after rehab, that dry riverbeds were emitting far more carbon than expected, that the Baltic Sea was experiencing dramatic oxygen depletion, that the Cleveland volcano may erupt soon, that Antarctica has lost 2.7 trillion tons of ice in the past quarter century, that although the Antarctic land mass will rise as the ice atop it melts, this effect will not, as in previous instances, save the remaining ice by moving it away from the warming sea, and that climate change was increasing the number of clouds that shine in the night.

Conservatives are less likely than liberals to eat their vegetables and get their flu shots but more likely to experience life as meaningful and the face of God as white. Americans exhibit racism toward black robots. The percentage of Republicans refusing to answer surveys about gun ownership has quintupled since the 1970s. Unlike their conservative counterparts, police who favor a compassionate approach to criminal justice perform poorly when they feel a lack of public appreciation. Trump voters exhibit higher levels of sexual disgust. The Jahai are faster, more accurate, and more specific than the Dutch in describing odors, though they tend to find the same smells disgusting. Women rate every standard category of disgust more disgusting. People are likely to imagine a partially revealed face as more attractive than it actually is. The parasocial grief that some experience over the deaths of television characters may not be taken seriously by others. Yale psychologists found that susceptibility to fake news has more to do with laziness than with bias. Internet memes generated by AI are only slightly less hilarious than those created by humans.

An analysis of 800 million British tweets found that analytical thinking peaks somewhere between five and six in the morning; existential thinking, between three and four. A survey of national narcissism found that Russians see themselves as responsible for 61 percent of world history, whereas the Swiss put themselves at 11 percent. Americans, meanwhile, overestimate their home state’s proportional contribution to US history, with Virginians seeing their state as responsible for 41 percent and Iowans, 9 percent. Compared with any US state, Washington, D.C., is considerably denser in psychopaths. A greater number of creative achievements in waking life was reported by subjects who kill in their nightmares. Forensic scientists whom the Russian secret services recently allowed to examine fragments of Adolf Hitler’s jaw found supporting evidence for his vegetarianism. Women who eat only healthful food are perceived as a threat by other women. Researchers created a five-part scale to evaluate pettiness. The American swamp sparrow has not changed its song in 1,000 years. n

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