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From complaints filed with the Department of Homeland Security between 2010 and 2017 by detainees in the custody of US Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

[Redacted] alleged he is discriminated against because of his religion and is called a “demon and a Pokémon.”

[Redacted] states he is told he speaks En­glish because he is a “tall blond man,” when in reality he does not speak En­glish. [Redacted] states he is not being provided with a translator at court hearings or when trying to communicate with ICE officers.

[Redacted] was on a prescription for depression, taking 400 mg. The officer dropped the prescription to only 200 mg and harassed [Redacted] for becoming a Christian, causing [Redacted] to become even more depressed.

[Redacted] has been deprived of his religion’s meals. He received a letter at his door saying he is allowed only three halal dinners per week.

[Redacted] said the detention center workers spit in his food before they gave it to him and in result he has gotten very sick and can barely even move.

[Redacted] states that she asked an officer whether she could make a call back to her mother, and the officer told her, “I’ll let you do whatever you want if you take off your clothes and play with yourself a little.”

[Redacted] claims that this officer was routinely searching him and while doing so, touched his penis and also squeezed his nipples. [Redacted] claims that when he told the officer that he did not like what had happened, she replied that she was just doing her job.

[Redacted] states that the officer grabbed her breasts inappropriately, then proceeded to remove her bra so aggressively that it left red marks on her skin. [Redacted] is fifteen years of age.

[Redacted] is a transgender person. An officer has allegedly made sexual advances toward [Redacted] and regularly requests that [Redacted] “show her tits and dick.”

[Redacted] was placed in segregation without any clothes to make it seem as though he were suicidal.

[Redacted] states that when he woke up he was told to strip down naked and put on a suicide jacket. [Redacted] states that officer came into the hole and told him to put some jelly in his rectum. [Redacted] states that officer sexually assaulted him, beat him up, and left him there. [Redacted] states that he received medical attention and was diagnosed with HIV.

[Redacted] alleges that she has not received any of the HIV medications or hormone therapy that she requires.

[Redacted] says that instead of performing a normal prostate exam, one of the US Coast Guard representatives placed a hand in his anus and shoved it around. [Redacted] says that he told the representative to stop because he was hurting but they would not stop. [Redacted] says that as a result of the abuse, he acquired an infection in his rectum.

An officer sodomized [Redacted] with his gun while they were alone. Since the time of that assault, he has been allegedly bleeding from lacerations in his rectum. He has also been experiencing bloody stools.

[Redacted] asked an officer for a Band-Aid and the officer showed him the middle finger, put a glove on his penis, and asked [Redacted] to touch it.

A staff member who identified himself as a doctor intentionally molested [Redacted] by touching her bare breasts and attempting to take off her pants and touch her private parts inappropriately. The ICE officers accused [Redacted] of enticing and leading on the male medical professional.

[Redacted] was raped by an officer who was three or four times her weight.

[Redacted] states that officers came to his cell, threatening to spray him with a chemical agent. [Redacted] states that he challenged them by saying, “I’ve been sprayed with tougher stuff than that.” [Redacted] states that the sergeant placed him in handcuffs and dropped him on the ground. [Redacted] states the officers had slapped him, saying, “I bet you wish you had been sprayed now.”

An officer sprayed [Redacted] in the face with mace and squeezed his testicles.

[Redacted] was stripped naked and sprayed with pepper spray on the genitals.

An officer poked [Redacted] in the eyes with his fingers.

Officers jumped on [Redacted] and pistol-whipped him in the head four times. [Redacted] is slowly going blind.

[Redacted] claims that ICE beat him up, chained him, raped him, put a sack over his head, and shoved him in a van to be taken to the airport.

[Redacted] was physically assaulted at Alexandria International Airport, in Louisiana, by an unknown ICE officer after refusing to board a plane headed for Haiti. [Redacted] refused to board the plane because he was being deported to Haiti and not his country, the Bahamas.

An officer stated, “You’re being difficult. If you don’t want to go to the federal detention center, you better stop being difficult.” [Redacted] asked what he meant and asked what she could do better. The officer responded by placing his penis on her face. The officer then forced her to give him oral sex while she was handcuffed to a table in the ICE headquarters.

[Redacted] said an officer grabbed him by the penis and scrotum. [Redacted] yelled, “Please don’t touch me like that,” and the officer responded, “I will touch what I want to.” [Redacted] the next day asked why he had been treated in this way, and the officer threatened to “beat him out of his wheelchair and then beat him senseless with his wheelchair.”

[Redacted] states all the physical abuse has put him in a wheelchair. [Redacted] states that they falsely call him a terrorist, mental psychopath, drug addict, and rapist. [Redacted] wants to be deported.

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September 2018

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