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From descriptions of findings at Abel Beth Maacah, a site in northern Israel, near the Lebanese border. The reports were published between 1986 and 2018 by the biblical archaeologists Nava Panitz-Cohen, Arlette David, William Dever, Miriam Lavi, and Robert A. Mullins. Compiled by Maud Doyle.

Scattered pits
Sporadic pottery
Bar-handled bowls
Red-slipped vessels
Perforated tripod cups
Stepped-rim cooking pots
Cyclopean masonry, partly visible
An unobtrusive jug with its neck missing
A fragment of a lunate earring
An ingot in the shape of Africa
A Ramesside scarab with an open hourglass head
A concentration of Middle Bronze sherds on the tell
A stone seal on which three figures may be dancing, their heads drilled globes
A cartouche that implies Amun is rolled by the winged beetle across the morning sky
     under the protection of twin cobras
A prominent heap that may be the remains of the earthen siege ramp Joab threw up
     against the city walls
A destruction layer
A number of robbed tombs
The eyes of a famous person
The glazed head of a king

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