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Factor by which the number of Americans who identify as “former Catholics” has increased since 1975 : 4

Percentage of US Christians who say they have had fewer than ten spiritual conversations over the past year : 74

Who say they quoted Bible passages in spiritual conversations in 1993 : 59

Who say they do so today : 37

Number of Western European countries in which a majority say they would accept Muslims as family members : 14

Of Central or Eastern European countries : 1

Percentage increase in US tourists traveling to Slovenia in the year following
Donald Trump’s election : 26

Amount the US government spent on advertisements dissuading Central Americans from migrating north last year : $1,300,000

Percentage of Afghan adults who report that their standard of living is improving : 4

Who report laughing or smiling the previous day : 36

Number of countries that have seen cutbacks in health programs as a result of the Trump Administration’s foreign-aid policy : 60

Percentage of Democrats who prefer that the congressional majority and the president be from the same party : 30

Of Republicans : 59

Portion of first-year US college students who experienced “clinical distress” as a result of the 2016 presidential election : 1/4

Factor by which US women are more likely than men to suffer from migraines : 3

Percentage of US cancer patients diagnosed between 2000 and 2012 who depleted all their assets within two years : 42

Average value of those assets : $92,000

Factor by which a millennial is more likely than a baby boomer to claim they
have a food allergy : 2

Factor by which the portion of US children under two who have not received any vaccinations has increased since 2001 : 4

Average number of Americans who died from the flu each year
between 2010 and 2017 : 36,714

Who died from the flu last year : 79,400

Average number of years that a Danish convict sentenced to life serves in prison : 17

Minimum number of years a convict sentenced to life in Tennessee must serve before they become eligible for parole : 60

Number of US states in which either “slavery” or “involuntary servitude” is a
legal form of punishment : 23

Portion of US cell phones that weren’t reached by the national Wireless Emergency Alerts system in its inaugural test : 1/4

Average number of increased residents per square mile of hurricane-vulnerable US coastline since 1980 : 160

Of increased residents per square mile in the rest of the US mainland : 26

Amount of money the federal flood insurance program has paid to
homeowners since 1978 : $67,900,000,000

Percentage of this money that has gone to “severe repetitive loss properties” : 11

Average number of times these homes have flooded : 5

Average percentage state and local tax rate paid by the poorest 20 percent
of Oklahomans : 13.2

By the richest 1 percent : 6.2

Average amount a white American in the top 1 percent of earners will receive in
tax cuts this year : $52,400

That a black American in the top 1 percent will : $19,290

Percentage of the global population that is white of European descent : 16

Percentage of participants in genetics research studies who are : 79

Chance that a kicker on a Division I historically black college’s football
team is black : 1 in 7

Number of Americans’ fifty favorite athletes who are baseball players : 3

Number of those players who are dead : 1 

Number of dead people Americans have elected to Congress : 6

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