Visits from the Goon Squad,

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January 2019 Issue [Readings]

Visits from the Goon Squad


From behaviors of Little Rock, Arkansas, police, cited by the department since 2007. The internal reports were made public in October, following an investigation of the killing of Bobby Moore, a black teenager who was shot by a white officer in 2012.

Loafing on the job
Sleeping on the job
Repeatedly losing police badges
Writing reports with illegible handwriting
Writing reports with improper grammar
Using abusive language
Using racist language
Lying about attending a Ku Klux Klan rally on a police job application
Leaving white supremacist literature in a police vehicle
Pretending to be sick to avoid breaking up a bar fight
Fighting in a bar
Pushing a gun in the face of a nonviolent intoxicated man
Hog-tying a handcuffed man
Body-slamming a mentally ill homeless woman and sitting on her stomach
Referring to criticism of a previous incident involving a mentally ill person as “Monday
   morning quarterbacking”
Ordering subordinates to stand on an obese man
Driving in excess of eighty-five miles per hour
Driving in excess of one hundred miles per hour
Engaging in an unnecessary high-speed chase that resulted in a vehicle crashing into a
   children’s hospital
Getting drunk and fighting teenagers
Firing a gun into a moving vehicle
Lying about responding to a burglary in progress
Failing to train new officers to use their tasers, batons, or pepper spray
Entering an apartment without a warrant, refusing to leave, shooting and killing the
   resident, and then justifying the shooting by claiming that nonlethal force couldn’t be
   used because of a lack of training