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January 2019 Issue [Readings]

Office of Misinformation


From a list of accounts purged by Facebook for spam and “coordinated inauthentic behavior,” released by the company in October.

Wake The Fuck Up
Nation in Distress
Viral Alternative News
Right-Wing News
Exposing the Truth
Learning the Truth
Nikola Tesla
Area 51
The Free Thought Project
Check These Things
Interesting Stories
Deeper Perspectives
Collectively Conscious
Conscious Life News
Earth We Are One
Meditation Masters People’s Awakening
Universe Explorers
Alternative Health Universe
Natural Cures Not Medicine
I Want to Be 100% Organic
Heart-Centered Rebalancing
Health & Love Page
Love, Health, and Happiness
Divine Mystical Love
Flower of Life
Nature Is Beautiful
We Love Animals

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January 2019

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