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Percentage of pending cases at the European Court of Human Rights that were filed against the Russian government : 19

That were filed against the UK government : 0.5

Portion of Americans who believe another world war is likely : 2/3

Percentage of Americans who say they would be “not at all” willing to volunteer to fight in another world war : 42

Who say they would be “very” or “somewhat” willing : 31

Number of the ten deadliest heat waves in recorded history that have
occurred since 2000 : 9

Estimated percentage chance that the UN’s “worst-case scenario” for
global warming is too optimistic : 35

Factor by which more energy is required to mine a dollar’s worth of bitcoin than a dollar’s worth of copper : 4.25

Year in which Alberta, Canada, launched a campaign to eliminate its breeding populations of rats : 1950

Estimated number of times a rat is spotted there each year : 24

Percentage of Americans who, when asked, say that caring for animals gives
their lives a “great deal” of meaning : 45

Who mention pets or animals as a source of meaning without being prompted : 5

Year by which a Norwegian company aims to use dead fish to help
power cruise ships : 2021

Estimated portion of Norwegians who regularly play chess online : 1/10

Who watched the World Chess Championship in November : 3/5

Percentage of soccer fans who have witnessed racial abuse during a match : 54

Percentage of soccer fans who would be comfortable having a player of a different race or ethnicity on their favorite team : 84

Of Saudi Arabian soccer fans : 11

Rank of flag football among the fastest-growing US team sports from 2016 to 2017 : 1

Percentage by which more US children aged 6 to 12 play flag football
than play tackle football : 12

Percentage of US college graduates whose first jobs do not typically require a college degree : 43

Of college graduates whose jobs five years after graduation do not typically
require a college degree : 35

Percentage change in the number of US homeless from 2010 to 2017 : -13

In the number of homeless in the ten most expensive US cities : +31

Percentage of Americans who say they are still paying off debt
from the 2017 holiday season : 15

Average value of labor that US employees annually donate to their employers by
not taking vacation days : $561

Average number of state and local tax breaks of $50 million or more awarded to corporations annually since 2010 : 22

Time at which Arkansas shuts down the website on which Medicaid recipients must report their work hours : 9:00 pm

Number of states with lower rates of internet access than Arkansas : 0

Average number of photographs and videos that English parents post online of their children by age 13 : 1,300

Percentage increase in US households without paid television
subscriptions since 2015 : 30

Minimum percentage of the teen birth-rate decline from 1999 to 2007 attributable to broadband internet access : 7

Percentage of 18- to 29-year-old social-media users who say it’s acceptable for their data to be used to personalize ads : 54

Who say it’s acceptable for their data to be used to show them messages
from political campaigns : 35

Percentage decrease last year in Facebook employees who are
optimistic about the company’s future : 38

In employees who believe the company is
making the world better : 26

Percentage increase in the number of job postings with the title
“Rock Star” since 2014 : 205

With the title “Ninja” : 453

Number of degrees since 1999 by which the Leaning Tower of Pisa
has straightened : 0.55

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