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From reviews, published on TripAdvisor, of the Henn-na Hotel, a robot-run resort in Japan that laid off more than half its automated workforce in January.

Henn-na bills itself as a hotel staffed by robots
You get greeted by two dinosaur robots
The dinosaur says “thank you”
The baggage check is a robotic arm
Your bartender is on an iPad
Robo-vacuums clean the carpets
A robot carries the luggage
Churi is this silly doll on the nightstand that starts talking
At first it is exciting communicating with Churi
Churi is a native Japanese robot
Churi doesn’t understand
Churi is kind of a hassle
Churi is not cooperative
During the night Churi becomes creepy
Churi says, “Hi! Are you talking to me?”
You ask Churi to be quiet
Churi keeps talking

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