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From behaviors for which local, state, and federal politicians in the United States have, in the past year, publicly apologized.

Posing with a Confederate flag
Dressing up as a Confederate soldier
Claiming that everyone uses racial slurs
Displaying in a glass case a Robert E. Lee biography open to a passage that argued
    slavery was harder on white people than on black people
Advocating for a drug law from the Jim Crow era
Pledging to attend a public hanging if invited by a supporter
Criticizing black people for supporting Asian Americans
Claiming to be of Asian descent but trapped in the body of a white person
Saying that school integration is hampered because there aren’t enough white children
Comparing to Hitler a Jewish politician whose family members were killed in the
Calling for the mass conversion of Jews to Christianity to hasten the second coming of
Including a swastika in a campaign ad
Pretending during a campaign to have a college degree by posting a fake diploma
   naming a major that doesn’t exist
Taking a list of people who liked a Facebook page and publishing the names as official
   campaign endorsements
Running a campaign ad about sexual-assault survivors that named as victims people
   who had not claimed to be assaulted
Sending a campaign fund-raising email that claimed there wasn’t enough time to
   simultaneously fund-raise and investigate sexual-­assault accusations
Sending an email mourning the shooting deaths of two people and linking that text to
   a campaign fund-raising page
Telling attendees of a pro-gun rally that it was time to start riding herd on gun-control
   advocates because they will not go quietly and so need to be kicked to the curb and
   run over by vehicles
Driving a car forty-two miles per hour over the speed limit and then, after getting
   pulled over, bragging to a sheriff’s deputy about sometimes exceeding the speed
   limit by as much eighty-five miles per hour
Threatening to seek retribution against a state trooper while being pulled over for
   drunk driving
Responding to allegations of violating parking laws by telling the accuser to commit
Responding to reports of threats of physical violence against a colleague by saying boo-
Saying during a budget meeting that a city commissioner had bleached her anus
Dropping trou on television
Writing a review of a Broadway musical that noted an actress’s large breasts
Referring to a congresswoman as a bimbo
Referring to pregnant women as host bodies
Cosigning an abortion bill without reading it
Cosigning legislation that referred to gay marriage as a parody, and that would establish
   being gay as a religious belief in secular humanism and bar the enforcement of any
   law designed to protect the LGBTQ community
Announcing that all farmers who use glyphosate herbicides are gay
Stating a desire to make a broth of legionella and pump it into the water supply in
   order to infect, inflict suffering upon, and eventually kill a colleague’s family members

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May 2019

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