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From a lecture on education delivered to a group of Castleton University students and faculty by Adam Taylor, the superintendent of Rutland City Public Schools in Vermont. The talk was reported by Kate Barcellos for the Rutland Herald.

Your job is to motivate and inspire kids to be the greatest they can be. When you walk in that classroom, you have to figure it out. If you don’t cry seventy times in your first year, you’re not meant to be a teacher. That first year is when you really cut your teeth.

I’ll use an Oakland analogy. A pimp has to groom, he has to get to know a young lady in order to get her to go out and sell her body to get him money. It’s about building that relationship that then gets her to go out and do something that she would not do. It’s a foul analogy, but it makes sense. It’s about building the relationship. Similar to a Catholic priest, similar to a pedophile. It’s about building those relationships where there’s trust, where I will do whatever you ask me to.

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May 2019

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