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From a radio interview, by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, of the Israeli-British psychic Uri Geller, who published an open letter informing the British prime minister, Theresa May, that he would telepathically enter her mind to prevent the United Kingdom from leaving the European Union.

megan williams: Mr. Geller, you wrote something of an unusual open letter—and you made a threat of sorts to the British prime minister. Tell us what you plan on doing to stop Brexit through the mind of Theresa May.

uri geller: I wanted her to understand that I am very serious about this, and I wanted her to know that I’m going to do everything in my capacity through telepathic powers to convince her to do a second referendum.

williams: You’re going to take control of Theresa May’s mind—is that correct?

geller: No. You’re slightly exaggerating. I’m going to beam my mind power with the help of millions of other people.

williams: So how are you going to do this?

geller: Well, I chose kind of a mystical number: eleven-eleven. So I will be concentrating with millions of people in the U.K. at eleven-eleven a.m. and eleven-eleven p.m. And I will basically visualize her giving in and saying, okay, you want a second referendum—I’m giving my people a second vote.

williams: We’re talking Central time?

geller: Yes. I’ve convinced the Russians to sign the nuclear arms reduction treaty. I bombarded Yuli Vorontsov’s mind—and they signed a nuclear treaty. There are dozens and dozens of these examples that I’ve done in the past very successfully.

williams: You know, I think many people would argue that these examples that you’re citing have nothing to do with ­paranormal activity.

geller: Well, you know, Megan, you might have a point. I don’t deal with skeptics.

williams: There are many issues that are urgent and arguably far more urgent than the consequences of Brexit—what’s happening in Mozambique now. I mean, why aren’t you focusing your telepathic powers on helping people be saved from catastrophes?

geller: Megan, how do you know that I don’t?

williams: But you’ve made a public statement on this issue, and you’ve asked thousands and millions of people to help you.

geller: Megan, I’m doing other things that I don’t talk about.

williams: Now you have—I assume—started your telepathic work on Theresa May. When will we start seeing some results?

geller: Megan, I have no idea.

williams: Aren’t you telepathic? Shouldn’t you know whether it’s going to work or not?

geller: There are certain things that even I don’t know.

williams: I’ve just written a number down on a piece of paper. What number have
I written?

geller: Yeah. You’re trying to be kind of cheeky with me. Don’t do that. You know how many interviews I have today? At least seventeen or eighteen.

williams: Actually you got the number. I wrote seventeen.

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