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Portion of Americans who wouldn’t be “at all surprised” if the genocide of a religious group occurred in the United States : 1/3

Who believe that society should be “burned to the ground” : 1/10

Rank of Brazil among countries with the highest amount of annual forest depletion : 2

Rank of Russia : 1

Number of species classified as threatened or endangered under Republican administrations since 1993 : 77

Under Democratic administrations : 915

Estimated number of Americans who were displaced by natural disasters last year : 1,200,000

Factor by which a French person is more likely than an American to believe that vaccines are unsafe : 3

Number of European countries that the W.H.O. no longer considers to have eradicated measles as of this year : 4

Percentage of cases in which parents or caregivers of children who die from being left in hot cars are charged with a crime : 55

Minimum number of U.S. sites at which parents can anonymously deposit a baby they are unable or unwilling to care for : 19

Percentage by which married mothers who work outside the home experience slower memory decline than those who do not : 61

Percentage of British adults who believe men have stronger sex drives than women : 42

Who believe women have stronger sex drives than men : 2

Percentage of Power Five college fight songs that include the words “men,” “boys,” or “sons” : 36

Minimum number of Afghan civilians killed this year by the Afghan military and international forces : 577

By the Taliban : 423

Number of national border walls worldwide at the time of the fall of the Berlin Wall : 15

Today : 70

Number of individuals ICE has detained since 2012 whom the agency admits may have been U.S. citizens : 1,488

Number of days for which one citizen was detained : 1,273

Average number of times per week Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is mentioned
on Fox News : 42

On CNN : 14

Number of states whose supreme court benches are all white : 24

Number of those states in which at least a quarter of the population consists of
people of color : 8

Number of sitting U.S. governors who are black : 0

Number of U.S. governors who have apologized this year for wearing blackface : 2

Total number of state-level recall elections from 1908 to 2009 : 25

From 2010 to the present : 20

Percentage of Democratic voters who cite a personal characteristic as the most important factor in selecting a president : 28

Who cite a policy consideration : 27

Number of Democratic congresspeople with “A” ratings from the N.R.A. after
the 2008 elections : 67

With “A” ratings after the 2018 midterms : 3

Number of states that prohibit local governments from enacting gun regulations beyond existing state laws : 43

Estimated average percentage by which marijuana in California is more expensive if purchased legally : 77

Estimated percentage of California marijuana sales that were made through legal channels last year : 22

Minimum number of U.S. universities that have offered courses related to the marijuana industry : 14

Rank of subscription television services among forty-six major U.S. industries in terms of customer satisfaction : 46

Of breweries : 1

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