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From reports of conditions in the New York City Housing Authority’s public-housing units since 2017.

Unidentified children likely poisoned by lead paint
Mold in the apartments of asthmatics
Broken air conditioners in designated cooling centers
Doorways concealed with plywood and painted over to prevent inspectors from discovering them
Holes in walls stuffed with newspaper and painted over
Burst pipes pouring gray water into a laundry room for two months
Sewage gurgling up from sinks and toilets
Water intentionally shut off to prevent inspectors from finding leaky pipes
Power cords of tenants’ refrigerators intentionally cut by employees
Immigration documents, beds, computers, a couch, and kitchen supplies stolen by employees
Rats running across the floor of a day-care center
Rats living in the ceiling of a day-care center
Decomposing rats falling through waterlogged ceiling tiles
Drunk employees
Sex between managers and employees
Orgies involving a group of employees
Threats by a supervisor to rape an employee
Threats by a supervisor to break the legs of a maintenance worker
Threats by an employee to have her boyfriend kill another employee
Threats by a supervisor to run a person over with a truck owned by the New York City Housing Authority

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December 2019

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