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From actions since 2006 taken by American companies and institutions to appease China.

Censored music that refers to the Tiananmen Square massacre
Canceled a lecture on women’s rights
Removed an app that allowed protesters in Hong Kong to track the location of police officers
Barred discussion of Hong Kong politics on news shows
Removed any reference to Taiwan’s status as a country from the corporate website
Apologized for a T-shirt design with a map of China that did not include Taiwan
Removed the Taiwanese flag from emoji keyboards in Hong Kong and Macao
Canceled a campus visit from the Dalai Lama
Ejected a researcher from campus for investigating the Chinese government’s influence on the school
Suspended a professional video-game player and forced him to return prize money after he expressed support for Hong Kong protesters
Fired a hotel employee in Omaha, Nebraska, for liking a pro-Tibet tweet
Removed a submission to a sneaker-design contest that depicted Hong Kong protesters in goggles, gas masks, and hard hats
Removed an advertisement for a Tiffany & Co. ring showing a model with her right hand covering her right eye for its resemblance to a pose adopted by Hong Kong protesters
Rewrote a Tibetan Marvel character as a white woman
Cut a movie scene shot in Shanghai in which Tom Cruise walks past a clothesline strung with underwear

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February 2020

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