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Portion of South Koreans who say they would support North Korea in a war with Japan : 1/2

Estimated number of drones that governments worldwide will purchase in the next decade for combat use : 1,800

For surveillance use : 75,000

Percentage of nonmilitary drones for sale in the United States that were manufactured in China : 80

Minimum number of products that are available for purchase on Amazon : 500,000,000

Estimated percentage of New York City apartments that receive at least one package every day : 15

Minimum number of contractors employed by Google to evaluate the usefulness of search results : 10,000

Number of changes that Google made to its search algorithm and interface in 2018 : 3,234

Portion of U.S. voting precincts that rely on electronic voting machines that leave no paper trail : 1/10

Number of U.S. states that use a mobile voting app : 1

Percentage of American men who say they would not feel “very comfortable” with a woman as president : 51

Of American women who say so : 41

Estimated number of Americans who have lost a friend or family member since 2014 because health care was too costly : 34,000,000

Factor by which this is more likely to be true of a Democrat than a Republican : 3

Factor by which the amount a U.S. insurer pays for a flu shot can vary depending on where it is administered : 3

Factor by which an American adult is more likely to go out of network for mental health care than for medical care : 5

Estimated percentage of Americans who have an autoimmune disease : 15

Who can name an autoimmune disease : 15

Percentage of unemployed Americans receiving unemployment benefits in 2000 : 37

In 2018 : 28

Estimated value of extra expenses that an average American household incurs as a result of oligopolies : $5,000

Percentage of civil defendants in U.S. general-jurisdiction courts who had lawyers in 1992 : 95

Who have lawyers today : 46

Rank of the United States among countries with the highest rates of immigrant children in detention : 1

Of Mexico : 2

Number of refugees resettled in the United States in October : 0

Number of countries in which the annual number of tourists outnumbers residents : 41

In which this ratio is at least 2 to 1 : 23

Percentage of Americans aged 13 to 38 who would be willing to post sponsored content to their social-media accounts : 86

Who would become a social-media influencer if given the opportunity : 54

Factor by which the number of social-media influencers using the word “anxiety” increased from 2016 to 2019 : 3

Minimum number of apps that promise to help people find friends : 22

Amount per hour that the company People Walker charges for an “on-demand walking partner” : $14

Percentage of Americans with siblings who think their mother has a favorite child : 33

Percentage of those Americans who believe they are the favorite : 30

Factor by which men are more likely than women to believe they are the favorite : 2

Percentage of Americans aged 18 to 34 who say they have witnessed ageism in the workplace : 52

Of Americans aged 55 and older : 39

Number of pending patent applications for variations of the phrase “OK, Boomer” : 6

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February 2020

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