Mr. Me Too,
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From lyrics referring to Donald Trump in rap songs catalogued by

High drama
Living large
On the links
On the news
Making big money
Stacking paper
Grabbing tits
Running for office
Not equipped to take this country over
Got a lot of votes
Might actually be the president
Our president
Ain’t deserve that position
Got the nukes
Taunting K. Jong
Tweeted something
Arguing about nonsense
Calling favors
Taking dollars from y’all
Trying to build a fucking fence
Building the wall to stop the dope
Making racist remarks
Supporting white supremacists
Spreading that hatred
Fired his chief of staff
Bringing back the Reagan era
Might bring slavery back
The new Hitler
Not as bad as they say he is
Wants to make everything better
Talks real estate
Trying to make America great
My hero