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Permanent Record


From behaviors for which K–12 teachers in the United States have been arrested since 2018, as described in news reports.

Bringing a bag of wine to class
Taking shots of vodka during class
Possessing explosives
Threatening to blow up the class
Dropping a gun on the playground
Leaving a gun in the bathroom
Bringing a gun and two knives into the classroom
Threatening to shoot a student
Firing a gun in the classroom
Imprisoning a student
Forcibly cutting a student’s hair
Holding a student upside down by the ankles
Slapping a student
Punching a student
Kicking a student
Throwing a student to the ground
Buying drugs for a student
Smoking weed with students
Crushing a pill during class and then snorting it and falling asleep
Smoking meth before class, taking a Xanax at lunch, and then going to Burger King and falling asleep