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September 2020 Issue [Readings]

When Life Gives You Lemon


From FCC complaints filed between 2016 and 2017 that allege inappropriate behavior by CNN host Don Lemon. The documents were obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request and published by

Don Lemon has been cutting people off on purpose
Don Lemon flipped off Larry Wilmore
Don Lemon showed a clip of the assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan
Don Lemon said that anyone who supports Donald Trump is complicit in his racism
Don Lemon said that taking a knee is protected by the Constitution
Don Lemon depicted protests live with signs saying fuck all over the place
Don Lemon used the word “bullshit” two or three times
Don Lemon said “cojones,” which means testicles
Don Lemon had on a CNN employee who intentionally said another word for “vagina”
Don Lemon had on a so-called expert woman
Don Lemon drank tequila from a Jose Cuervo bottle
Don Lemon spoke his feelings

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September 2020

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