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December 2020 Issue [Readings]

Parental Guidance Suggested

From a speech delivered in September to the Boca Raton School Board, in Florida, by an elementary school teacher concerned about the behavior of parents during their children’s remote-learning classes.

These are some of the suggestions, statements, and directions that you can feel free to give the parents of virtual students.

Number one: Please, parents, wake your children up early enough to feed them and get them dressed for school. Also, make sure your child has a book, pencil, and paper when they sit in front of the computer. Number two: Parents, please make sure you have on proper clothing when you are walking in front of your child’s computer—­because we’ve seen you in your bras and drawers and everything else. Three: Remember, all children are on the computers and can hear your conversations. Please, no cussing. Number four: Parents, when you are helping your children at the computer, please do not appear with big joints in your hands. Joints as big as cigars—we’ve seen it all. Please do not have that in your hand or in your mouth. And number five: Parents, please understand that your child is in class. A parent should not stay in the picture and make silly faces behind their child. We’re trying to teach.

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December 2020

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