[Readings] Inhale, Execute,

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Inhale, Execute


From FM 7-22 Holistic Health and Fitness, a training field manual for soldiers. Each sentence was taken from the 244-page guide, which was revised and republished last October by the U.S. Army.

Use a water filter. Increase consumption of fresh vegetables. Clean the house. Use safe household products. Use the restroom as needed. Use a deck of playing cards. Use darker curtains. Repaint a room a brighter color. Spend more time in nature. Imagine smelling the grass, feeling the wind. Spend several minutes each day reflecting. Free-journal. Philosophical reading can prove beneficial. Take the longest nap possible. Do not nap underneath trucks. Display grief. Demonstrate empathy. Follow a spiritual plan. Understand your relationship to both the transcendent and to other human beings. A script can help. Example: “I will go up to my firing point and assume a firing position. My breathing is calm. I position my weapon inside my shoulder and under my collarbone. I place my body at a slight angle behind my weapon, legs shoulder-width apart with laces in the dirt. My breathing is calm. I look at my target. Breathe in—breathe out. Rear sight aligned. Body relaxed. I load the magazine, place my weapon from safe to semi, and take a deep breath. I align my target and breathe in, exhale, hold, and deliberately, smoothly squeeze the trigger.”