Scorched Earth Policies,

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January 2021 Issue [Readings]

Scorched Earth Policies


From geoengineering projects proposed by researchers between 2012 and 2020 to prevent or mitigate the impact of climate change.

Plant trees

Grow waxier plants

Paint roofs, roads, sidewalks, and buildings white

Spread tiny glass beads over polar sea ice

Cover ice with artificial snow

Cover ice in fleece blankets

Cover buildings in algae

Cover deserts in tarps

Flood Death Valley

Build giant pumps to refreeze the ice

Build large carbon-sucking fans

Build a miles-long sea wall around New York City

Build artificial soil mounds to prop up glaciers

Fertilize the ocean with iron

Spray sulfate aerosols into the atmosphere

Remove cirrus clouds from the atmosphere

Create new heat-trapping clouds

Send a giant parasol into orbit

Spray cloud-thickening sea salt into the air

Spray diamond dust into the atmosphere

Spray human ashes into the atmosphere

Feed Maalox to cattle