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From a conversation on Facebook that was published in a January opinion of the Tennessee Supreme Court. The court suspended Winston Sitton from practicing law for four years for making these comments.

unidentified woman: I need to always carry my gun with me now, don’t I? Is it legal to carry in Tennessee in your car without paying the damn state?

winston sitton: I have a carry permit. The problem is that if you pull your gun, you must use it. I am afraid that, with your volatile relationship with your baby’s daddy, you will kill your ex—your son’s father. Better to get a taser or a canister of tear gas. Effective but not deadly. If you get a shotgun, fill the first couple rounds with rock salt, the second couple with bird shot, then load for bear. If you want to kill him, then lure him into your house and claim he broke in with the intent to do you bodily harm and that you feared for your life.

unidentified woman: I wish he would try.

sitton: As a lawyer, I advise you to delete this thread.

unidentified commenter: Her ex has likely already seen this.