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From the subject lines of fund-raising emails sent out during the 2020 campaign season.


So . . .

I need to be up-front

I see you, I love you

I’m blown away

I’m floored, honestly


I need you now more than ever

No going back after this

We keep emailing

Can I give you a call this week?


Checking in on you, friend

Hey, I need you to read this

Please, I’m respectfully asking you

Vulnerably asking

Asking you politely

I don’t see your name yet

Can I give you a call?

Give me a chance to explain?

Please don’t hold out

Sorry—can’t let it go

I hate doing this

I’m pretty scared right now

Please help


This is it

This could be the end

If not NOW, then when?

This is getting ridiculous

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April 2021

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