Tinker, Tailor, Student, Spy,

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April 2021 Issue [Readings]

Tinker, Tailor, Student, Spy


From instructions for a remote math test at Wilfrid Laurier University in Ontario in October 2020.

Complete the practice quiz. After the practice quiz, start the setup test. Complete the setup test before the midterm test.

Print the answer sheets on white paper—not lined or grid—letter size, single-sided. If you do not have a printer, copy by hand, in pen, the information on the answer sheet with all details in the designated spaces on white paper. Make sure that you have access to an external mouse. You are not allowed to use the touch pad or the touch screen function. You will be required to convert your handwritten answers into a PDF file.

You must have your student ID card, sheets of blank scrap paper, pens or pencils (2B or BH), an eraser, and a clock that shows only the time. Put all these items on the desk.

Make sure that your webcam is properly positioned to capture your work space, including your face, hands, and the desk. If your computer’s webcam is at the bottom of the screen, turn your computer ninety degrees like an opened book, and put it on a box. You will be given an access window from 5:55 pm until 6:30 pm. No one can enter after 6:30 pm. If you encounter technical difficulties, you must contact the experts via email immediately for prompt assistance. All actions are time-stamped and will be considered when your test papers are graded. You must scan your work within ten minutes of clicking the submit button.

Use a mirror to show that nothing is attached to your device out of view of the webcam. Show the answer sheet, page one, with your signature on the top, to the webcam for three seconds, then hold up the back side for three seconds. Do the same for the other answer sheets, scrap paper, both sides of your calculator (showing the brand and make), its cover, and both the front and back sides of the mirror.

If you must go to the washroom, shout into the microphone: “I need to go to the washroom and will come back quickly!”

Your test may be invalidated if you fail to follow the instructions provided here.