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From descriptions of non-fungible tokens created and sold since December 2020. An NFT is a digital item with a unique tag that is stored using blockchain technology.

A tweet from the musician Soulja Boy asking, “How do I sell my tweets.” $1,288

A GIF of a kitten in the form of a Pop-Tart flying in a sky of exploding stars. $534,681

A fifty-seven-second music video of translucent babies flying near a glowing cross. $388,938

Nine plots of virtual land in the video game Axie Infinity. $1,500,000

A composite image of five thousand images created daily between 2007 and 2021 by the digital artist Beeple. $69,346,250

Eight screenshots taken by a recently unemployed person depicting: a termination letter, an email stating that unemployment benefits were running out, a rent charge for a former apartment, a bill showing $65,000 in student-loan debt, a letter from a debt-collection agency regarding an uninsured visit to the doctor, a credit report showing a score in the low 500s, and a letter stating that this score must improve in order to find a job. $1,777.78

A tweet stating, “This is a $100 tweet.” $100