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From text messages about women that were exchanged in a group chat of police officers in Eureka, California, between March and August 2020.

That bitch at Motel 6 is fucking crazy all day long

Hope someone got to punch her bitch mouth

Get pics of her rack!!!

Saggy ol udders

If she’s going to insist on going topless, she needs to get her some 44 DDs!!! Not the 38 longs she has!!! They look like beaver tails!!

She’s a toad

Damn I could build some hilarious memes with her mugshot

She sounds hot!!! In this cold chill, I bet she got some hard nipples!!!

I haven’t seen her in a while and I don’t know how chubby she is

She had her baby, was still chunky last time I saw her

The next person to stab her needs to drive the blade in deep and up, twist, and yank it out sideways!!!

Apparently Holly is trying to get complaints filed on us!!!!!

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July 2021

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