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From actions taken by the producers, cast, and crew of hidden-camera television shows that have aired around the world since 2010.

Set up a fake security checkpoint, stopped a migrant worker from entering, and forced him to strip.

Shuttled thirty celebrities aboard a chartered plane and announced after takeoff that the engine had failed and that all the passengers would die.

Dressed up as terrorists, kidnapped a famous actor at gunpoint, and held him hostage in a warehouse for seven hours.

Planted fake bombs in the cars of celebrities and dressed up as soldiers, stopping the celebrities at a checkpoint, accusing them of being terrorists, and informing them that they would be detained and sent to a prison camp.

Dressed up as terrorists and detonated explosions while ambushing celebrities on a charity trip to visit families who had purportedly escaped from the Islamic State, blindfolded the celebrities, and forced them to don fake suicide vests while they begged for their lives.

Dressed up as terrorists and kidnapped an international soccer star from a café, drove him to the desert, and forced him to kneel at gunpoint while awaiting his execution.