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From the website of the consultant Tony Rodrigues, who sells courses for $39.99 claiming to help customers recover suppressed memories of interactions with aliens. Rodrigues says he served first as a soldier on Mars and later on the asteroid Ceres, where he worked for more than a decade before being returned at age ten to his childhood home in Michigan, from which he claims he was abducted.

Have you found yourself here because you have a hunch that you were involved in some kind of secret space program? After thousands of others with the same feeling contacted Tony for advice, he teamed up with a psychic medium, Jaci Pearse, to create a comprehensive course for others who were looking for help. There seem to be three main categories of program experiences:

human space programs: People who have been in a military program, usually in the United States or with the United Nations. They typically have moon and Mars memories, always heavy medical and military memories.

draco group contact: Usually alongside a human group, always a reptilian being and/or the typical Gray being. Always great trauma. Unspeakable things get carried out. Very rarely anything positive. Also, aligned with the German Breakaway Group.

everyone else: Any number of other species come through our solar system and have an interest in interacting. For many different reasons. Visiting spacefaring species very often can leave the contactee with the feeling of benevolent interaction. The levels of technology witnessed can vary greatly, and the accounts tend to have few things in common with other accounts.

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November 2021

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