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From Google’s style guide for developers.

passive voice: Passive can be okay in the following instances: If your readers don’t need to know who’s responsible for the action.

please: Using please is overdoing the politeness.

simple: What might be simple for you might not be simple for others.

mom test: Don’t use mom test, grandmother test, grandma test, or girlfriend test. Instead, use terms like beginner user test or novice user test.

female adapter: Don’t use. Instead, use a genderless word like socket.

master: Use with caution.

slave: Don’t use

final solution: Don’t use. Instead, use solution as a stand-alone term or, depending on the context, definitive, optimal, best, or last solution.

actionable: Don’t use in the legal sense without consulting a lawyer.

voila: Don’t use.

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September 2022

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