Gall–Peters Reflections, by Patrick Gathara

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September 2022 Issue [Readings]

Gall–Peters Reflections


From tweets by the Kenyan journalist posted in April and May, describing events in Western countries.

Evidence mounts of war crimes by fighters loyal to Russian Slav warlord Vladimir Putin, whose blood-soaked invasion of neighboring Ukraine threatens to plunge Caucasian region, already plagued by instability and deadly endemic disease, into savage tribal bloodletting.

With rising food prices exacerbating crippling flavor shortage in reclusive, tribally-divided United Kingdom, news of pro-flavor ethnic rivals from neighboring France getting permits to fish in British waters angers pro-Brexit, anti-flavor traditionalists.

Caucasian bloc observes holy weekend of Easter, when shopping festivities mark ancestors’ sacrificial murder of Jesus Christ, a radicalized preacher of Mideastern appearance.

Supreme Court in banana-exporting republic of the United States, whose tribal judges are known to have Christianist views, rules it legal for Joe Biden regime to continue to discriminate against citizens living in the colony of Puerto Rico.

New monkeypox outbreak in troubled, disease-ridden, war-torn sub-Scandinavian Europe, home to deadly pestilences which have killed hundreds of thousands across corrupt, backward Caucasian bloc where many reject modern medicine due to Christianist superstitions.

Baby-food shortage is latest blow to the troubled nation once considered a stable lynchpin in Caucasian bloc but which has now endured years of corrupt rule, political and ethnic violence, disputed polls, an attempted coup, deadly disease, and climate-related disasters.

Fifteen killed during traditional school shooting in separatist region of Texas, in violence-prone, far northwestern U.S. republic, where surviving school gun attacks is a rite of passage and seen as preparation for adult life in a country with more guns than people.

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