Minor Marginalia,

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From writings left behind by visitors to the Oakland Public Library.

Dear Librarian: Those three kids over there are making too much noise and I can’t read and my friend can’t do his homework. Thank you.

Dear Reader: I love this book. It stole my heart and made me cry. When you find tear stains you will now know they are mine. <3

Cheyenne is mean.
No she’s not, Serena.
She is mean to me. Do you hate me?
Not really.

I hate you but not that much. I hate you a hundred times. Yup that’s right I hate you a hundred times. I hate you more than anything now bye bye you are so bad now so long loser I don’t want to be your friend loser.

Anger. Sadness. Fear. Hurt. Guilt. What positive thing can I learn from this to help me in the future?

Hi everybody I am from Westlake yo. And I write you that I am a 8th grader going my way to high school. And next be proud of me and pray for me so I can be successful. And I am getting taller and if you see me now you will think I am a giraffe chewing on a tree.

fun facts
Many people wrap their sandwiches with aluminum foil
Small quantities of aluminum can be swallowed
Elderly people forget things easily because aluminum is in their brains

mr. poopy-loopy stinky butt (mr. men #48)
Once there was a very silly looking sort of man and his name was Mr. Poopy-Loopy Stinky Butt. And he looked like a glob of poop. And he had to roll around to get to places. And the places were covered with poop. And people stepped in poop. Yuk! It was disgusting. And everybody had to wipe their shoes on the store keeper’s face. And they threw poop at each other. And they lived happily ever after.