No Dogs Go to Heaven,

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From a list of frequently asked questions on the website for After the Rapture Pet Care.

Who are these Pet Caretakers and how do I know they’ll take good care of my pets?

Most Pet Caretakers fit this description: They are atheist or a non-Christian religion. They love animals enough to register with us even though they do not believe there will be a Rapture.

Can I contact the Pet Caretakers in my area?

We have promised our Pet Caretakers that we will keep their information strictly confidential. If they thought that Christians might try to pressure them to become Christians, they simply would not sign up.

Isn’t the world going to be totally collapsed after the Rapture?

When all the Christians on the planet disappear, there will certainly be massive confusion. However, the majority of people will still be on earth, and communication will be their first priority. Therefore, it will not be a problem to coordinate activities to rescue and care for your pets. The data about all registered pets is located on Google servers as well as on our own server in Lansing, Michigan (away from political and military hot spots to minimize chance of destruction if there is a post-Rapture war). The non-Christian administrators assigned to coordinate our efforts after we’re gone are in multiple locations.

If there is going to be a time of great tribulation, suffering, judgment, and confusion after the Rapture, won’t these Pet Caretakers be much more concerned about that?

There really is little information about what will happen after the Rapture. We do know, though, that the anti-Christ will bring temporary peace and that the world will worship an idol god, so therefore there will be a societal structure at least for a while. You can bet a quick “scientific” explanation will be given to calm the masses.

Shouldn’t you be more concerned about the people left behind going to hell than pets?

We don’t feel it’s an either-or situation.

But shouldn’t you spend your time witnessing to the unsaved volunteers instead of caring about pets?

This IS a ministry to the unsaved after the Rapture. Let me explain. The Bible says there will be people saved after the Rapture. And what better way to prepare someone than to have them sign up to do something only if the Rapture happens? When they are alerted that the key people in our structure have simply disappeared, and they are asked to rescue and care for the pets of Christians who have disappeared, what do you think will go through their heads?

What kind of pets do you allow?

Most pets registered are dogs and cats. If you have horses or other larger animals, feel free to register them, but we may not be able to accommodate them when needed.

I expect my dog to be raptured with me or to die when I’m raptured. So why would I register them?

It’s true God loves all animals, but there is nothing biblical about pets being raptured or dying at the Rapture. Expecting God to deal with your responsibility at death or the Rapture is no different than waiting for God to feed your pets. And registering your pets is only $10, so why not do it, just in case?