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From explanations given by centenarians for their longevity, followed by their ages at the time the advice was reported.

Smoke fifteen cigarettes a day, 100

Drink one glass of Coors Light at 4 pm each day, 101

Eat nine gin-soaked raisins each morning, 105

Drink a bottle of whiskey a week, 107

Avoid water and drink up to four bottles of wine a night, 107

Knit sweaters for penguins, 108

Order hamburgers rare, eat chocolate, drink cocktails, and party, 108

Do not get married and try to avoid all men, 109

Drink three beers with a shot of scotch each day, 110

Smoke thirty cigarettes a day, 112

Smoke cigarettes, drink whiskey, and meet women, 113

Eat bacon regularly, 115

Eat ramen noodles and mackerel sushi regularly, 116

Eat one cooked egg, two raw eggs, and a portion of raw minced meat every day, 117

Eat olive oil regularly, consume more than two pounds of chocolate a week, drink wine, and smoke cigarettes, 122

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May 2023

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