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From a report published in May by the New Jersey Office of the Attorney General that outlines major disciplinary infractions committed by law enforcement officers in 2022.

Vaping in a squad car while transporting a civilian

Stealing while responding to a service call

Punching the wall of a victim’s home while responding to a service call

Failing to fully report the escape of an inmate

Responding to a call regarding a woman who needed medical attention at a Days Inn, beginning a sexual relationship with her, and then giving her a box containing $2,000 in exchange for not reporting the relationship

Falling asleep in an inmate’s cell

Storing hollow-point bullets in a child’s room

Telling a supervisor to “go fuck yourself” when told he would have to take a coronavirus test

Commenting on a subordinate’s hair color, clothes, and body type, and asking about her relationship status

Using a law enforcement database to run queries on a woman met on OnlyFans

Driving drunk while off duty

Driving drunk while on duty

Drinking on duty while working a second job

Falling asleep drunk in a running vehicle, refusing to participate in a field sobriety test, and then, after being arrested, headbutting a washing machine and claiming to be the victim of police brutality

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August 2023

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