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From a training manual for employees of the real estate investment company HomeVestors of America, which flips houses.

Find the Pain.

Pain is always a form of motivation. People in pain look for someone with a solution!

That could be you. You have solutions for people who experience ugly real estate “pain.”

In order to find the Seller’s pain, uncover the Seller’s motivation for selling. There will be an emotional reason behind the Seller’s motivation.

Find the emotion and you will uncover the Pain.

Once you find the Seller’s pain, you have a much better chance of buying the house.

Here are some examples of Pain:

I lost my job and I’m now about to lose my house.

I am getting a divorce and need to sell the house.

My parents died and left me with the house. I don’t know what to do with it. My brother and sister are pestering me to sell it.

My child needs an operation and I need to sell this house for cash.

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September 2023

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