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From affidavits filed by residents of Falmouth, Massachusetts, regarding a new pickleball court. 

We are of sound mind. 

Pre-pickleball, we enjoyed the outside of our home tremendously. 

We could be seen on our deck, on our front porch reading, in our yard relaxing, gardening. 

We would converse with our neighbors. We could attract birds and hear them sing. 

We no longer read the paper on the porch. 

We no longer hear the sounds of nature.

We no longer enjoy gardening. 

The vegetation is overgrown. 

Our lives now revolve around avoiding the outdoors, where the pickleball noise is. 

The loud, piercing, relentless popping sound of the hard pickleball against the solid paddle can be heard inside our home, in all rooms, under any conditions.

It comes through the windows and the walls. 

There is no escaping.

It does not stop.

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October 2023

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