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From reviews of the children’s animated television series Bluey published in media outlets since 2021.

Beloved kids’ program

Cute and highly relatable

A real gem

A damn good show

Instantly recognizable

A huge phenomenon globally

The kids’ show that just keeps giving

Both wise and hilarious

Poignant and timeless

Sublime in its casual simplicity

Trivial but life-changing


An astounding work of art

At times, absolutely perfect

Pure genius

A masterpiece

Really experimental

Distinctly Australian

Creates envy and longing and a touch of shame

A spiritual-scientific manifesto

A thrilling display of masculinity

A depiction of the lawlessness of the 1980s

An entire scope of the cosmos

May one day save humanity

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December 2023

“An unexpectedly excellent magazine that stands out amid a homogenized media landscape.” —the New York Times
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