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From notes made on custom license plate applications flagged for review by the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles since 2012.

superju: (My nickname is Juju.) Superiority of religion, “super jew.”

k4k4sh1: (An anime character, Kakashi.) Profane, looks like “caca shit.”

kracko: (A character from the Kirby video game.)Drug related, almost sounds like “crack ho.”

lahore: (A city in Pakistan.) Sexual, whore.

byagirl: (I want people to know my car is being driven by a girl.) Looks like “buy a girl,” human trafficking.

egirl: (I’m a gamer.) Sexual, girls who send nudes.

chitty: (The car resembles the one in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.) Profane, sounds like “shitty” with a Hispanic accent.

afuego: (Cool, nice, “looks good” in Puerto Rican slang.) Profane, “ah, fuck you & go.”

gfy: (God forgives you.) Profane, “go fuck yourself.”

fujin: (Shinto deity.) Profane, “Fuck you jin.”

shizuka: (Calm, peaceful in Japanese.) Profane, “shiz” another word for “shit.”

elpis: (The Greek word for “hope.”) “EL” means “the” in Spanish, “PIS” sounds like “piss.”

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December 2023

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