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From resolutions passed by the United Nations General Assembly since 1982 for which the United States and Israel were the only two member states, of more than 150 nations, to vote no.

That Israel desist from the removal and resettlement of Palestine refugees in the Palestinian territory occupied by Israel since 1967 and from the destruction of their shelters.

That Israeli settlements in the Palestinian territory, including Jerusalem, and in the occupied Syrian Golan, are illegal.

That all measures and actions taken by Israel in the occupied Palestinian territory are in violation of the Geneva Convention.

That Israel’s practices in the occupied Palestinian territory, its diversion of water resources, its depletion of the natural and economic resources of the occupied territories, and its displacement and deportation of the population of those territories, are without legal validity.

That the Israeli occupation is contradictory to the basic requirements for the social and economic development of the Palestinian people.

That the global community increase their assistance to the Palestinian people.

That hunger constitutes an outrage and a violation of human dignity.

That historical injustices have contributed to the poverty, marginalization, social exclusion, and instability that affect many people in the world.

That no derogation from the prohibition of racial discrimination, genocide, and the crime of apartheid is permitted.

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January 2024

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