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Percentage of American adults who are in therapy

: 47

Who went to therapy for the first time last year

: 17

Who believe that the pandemic has meaningfully damaged their mental health

: 62

Number of days a man stayed at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport because he was afraid of flying during the pandemic

: 89

Chance that an American spent the past holiday season alone

: 1 in 9

Percentage of American men aged 18 to 24 who cite pornography as the most useful source of information on how to have sex

: 39

Who cite their sexual partners

: 17

Percentage of American women aged 18 to 24 who cite pornography

: 14

Who cite their sexual partners

: 32

Minimum number of content creators on OnlyFans, a site for sharing explicit videos and photos with paying subscribers

: 1,000,000

Minimum number of those creators who have earned more than $1,000,000 through the site

: 100

Percentage change in the amount of total U.S. credit card debt last year

: -11

Amount in property-­tax revenue that New York City is expected to lose in 2022 on account of COVID-19

: $2,500,000,000

Percentage increase last year in the sale of British country houses

: 11

Minimum number of ducks that have been slaughtered in France this year to stave off avian influenza

: 2,000,000

Percentage decrease in the number of flu cases in the United States this season

: 99

Percentage of COVID-19 patients who report losing their sense of smell

: 45

Who are found to have lost their sense of smell when examined

: 80

Estimated portion of bitcoin that has been lost or is otherwise inaccessible

: 1/5

Estimated total value of that bitcoin

: $164,000,000,000

Percentage of U.S. online shoppers who reported having a package stolen last year

: 43

Minimum number of items Amazon removed from sale in 2020 because of price gouging

: 39,000,000

Minimum value of federal pandemic relief loans made to businesses that promote vaccine skepticism

: $1,137,101

Made to hate groups

: $4,248,522

Factor by which U.S. police officers are more likely to use force against left-wing protesters than right-wing protesters

: 3.4

Percentage of Black Lives Matter protests during which the police used force against protesters

: 5

Of Stop the Steal protests during which the police did so

: 1

Number of U.S. troops deployed in Washington, D.C., on Inauguration Day

: 27,750

Number of U.S. troops deployed in Afghanistan and Iraq on that day

: 5,000

Percentage of Americans who identified as Republicans and Democrats, respectively, at the outset of 2020

: 47, 45

At the end of 2020

: 39, 50

Amount of money raised between Election Day and the end of the year by the Biden campaign

: $11,400,000

Number of U.S. members of Congress who are not affiliated with a religion

: 1

Portion of the American population that is not

: 1/4

Amount being offered by a U.S. businessman for evidence of “consciousness after permanent bodily death”

: $950,000

Percentage of adults who would choose to know about future events if they were favorable

: 44
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