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Rank of Canada among countries resettling the most refugees in 2018

: 1

Minimum number of years for which the United States previously held that distinction

: 59

Percentage of Canadians who will return a lost wallet containing money

: 64

Of Americans who will

: 57

Number of U.S. states that require permits for children’s lemonade stands

: 34

Minimum age at which citizens of the Netherlands can request euthanasia, with their parents’ permission : 12

: 12

Number of Dutch 12- to 17-year-olds who have requested and received euthanasia since 2005 : 14

: 14

Estimated portion of people in the world who were married as children

: 1/10

Number of U.S. states with laws permitting the chemical castration of convicted sex offenders

: 8

Percentage of Americans who say it’s hard to know what speech others will find offensive

: 48

Estimated percentage of active police officers who use racist, bigoted, or violent language on Facebook

: 20

Average number of times per day the television series Cops aired in the United States this spring

: 9

Percentage of U.S. traffic stops that end in arrest

: 2

That end in arrest on Cops

: 92

Number of the 15 hottest U.S. states that lack universal air-conditioning in their prisons

: 13

Percentage of state prisoners who are incarcerated for violating parole or probation

: 45

Percentage of those prisoners whose violations did not involve the commission of a crime

: 55

Percentage of non-L.G.B.T.Q. Americans in 2016 who said they were comfortable interacting with L.G.B.T.Q. people

: 63

Who said so last year

: 45

Portion of U.S. gay and lesbian adults who are out to most of their friends and family members

: 3/4

Of U.S. bisexual adults who are

: 1/5

Percentage of U.S. bisexual adults who are in relationships with partners of the opposite sex

: 88

Factor by which U.S. men are more likely than women to say they are willing to have sex on the first date

: 6

Estimated portion of U.S. heterosexual women who have gone on a date for free food

: 1/4

Date on which New Zealand released its national budget

: 5/30/2019

On which the model featured on its cover left the country because she couldn’t afford to live there

: 12/3/2018

Percentage increase since 2015 in U.S. job postings offering unlimited vacation time

: 178

Percentage by which the federal minimum wage is worth less today than it was in 1968

: 31

Number of years for which the federal minimum wage has remained unadjusted

: 10

Percentage of U.S. workers over 50 who lose longtime jobs before they are prepared to retire

: 56

Percentage of those workers who never recover their earning power

: 90

Percentage change since 1981 in the number of annual U.S. mergers and acquisitions

: +104

In the number of annual antitrust investigations undertaken by the Justice Department

: –33

Percentage increase since 2016 in the value of federal government contracts with temp agencies

: 109

Number of pages of FBI files that were made public in June pertaining to a Bigfoot investigation

: 22

Percentage of Americans who think it’s “too much” to expect the average person to recognize made-up news and information

: 56

Who think it’s “too much” to expect the average person to recognize satire

: 34