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Portion of unruly-passenger incidents on U.S. flights this year that involved face masks

: 3/4

Number of new microorganisms that have been discovered on urban mass-transit systems since 2016

: 11,676

Estimated percentage by which parking demand will decline across the United States by 2050

: 40

Number of New York City parking spots that were converted into outdoor dining areas during the pandemic

: 8,550

Percentage of U.S. streets closed during the pandemic that have reopened or are scheduled to reopen to traffic

: 85

Number of people admitted to Phoenix’s burn unit last summer after contact with hot asphalt, sidewalks, or sand

: 104

Minimum portion of the world’s mature giant sequoias that were killed in a single wildfire last year

: 1/10

Percentage decline in California’s monarch butterfly population since the 1980s

: 99.7

Estimated number of additional humans who will be exposed to disease-carrying mosquitoes by 2080

: 950,000,000

Number of serious injuries that occur at Amazon warehouses for every 200,000 hours worked

: 5.9

Percentage of Europeans who would prefer to have packages delivered by a robot or drone instead of a human

: 35

Who would like to see artificial intelligence replace some of their legislative representatives

: 51

Minimum number of candidates for local office in Mexico this year who were murdered before the June elections

: 34

Percentage by which atheists are more likely than religious Americans to oppose the death penalty for murder

: 76

Percentage of Americans who thought religion was gaining influence in the United States a year ago

: 38

Percentage change this year in the share of Democrats who regard the country’s moral values as “poor”

: –29

In the number of Republicans

: +65

Percentage of Democrats who have a favorable view of critical race theory

: 86

Of Republicans who have an unfavorable view of it

: 91

Percentage by which Republicans are more likely than Democrats to say they have a “good idea” of what it is

: 34

Factor by which high-income college applicants are more likely than low-income applicants to write essays about mental health

: 1.5

Number of U.S. prisoners who requested compassionate release from the Bureau of Prisons during the pandemic last year

: 30,969

Number of these prisoners whose requests were approved

: 36

Minimum number who died while their requests were pending

: 35

Chance that a European Union resident who received public services last year did so through a personal connection

: 1 in 3

Percentage decrease in the number of families reporting depression and anxiety after the last two rounds of stimulus checks

: 20

In the number of families reporting food shortages

: 42

Percentage increase last year in the sale of vacation homes in the United States

: 16

Portion of U.S. millennial homeowners who have “some regrets” about purchasing a house

: 2/3

Date on which China announced that it would allow couples to have a third child

: 5/31/21

Percentage of women surveyed in the central Chinese city of Xi’an who say they would like to have three children

: 8

Percentage of American men in relationships who think their partner is more attractive than they are

: 37

Of American women in relationships who think so

: 14
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